Revenge of the Expert: Wonkfest 2018

Alison Jones is the Chair of the Higher Education Strategic Planners Association (HESPA) and Former University Secretary at the University of Bradford. She reports on the recent Wonkfest event in London, a festival of ideas and debate about the future of universities.

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Investing in the Future of Higher Education

Richard Calvert, Chief Operating Officer at Sheffield Hallam University, shares what got him interested in the Ambitious Futures scheme.

Reflections on Retiring

Robin Geller, former Registrar and Chief Operating Officer at the University of Bristol, reflects on her career in higher education and her recent decision to retire.

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The Civic University: A Scottish Perspective

Alun Thomas, Head of Education Group at Anderson Strathern, outlines the issues around civic engagement for universities in Scotland.

All Change: Appointing a New Vice-Chancellor

Andrew Dodman, Chief Operating Officer at the University of Sheffield, reflects on the challenging process of recruiting and appointing a new Vice-Chancellor.

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The Importance of Benefits Realisation

Mike Shore-Nye, Registrar and Secretary at the University of Exeter, on how to develop an effective benefits realisation plan.

Are Universities Doomed to Repeat the Same Mistakes?

David Duncan, Chief Operating Officer and University Secretary at the University of Glasgow, reflects on the recurring nightmares that the higher education sector faces.