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Integrated Thinking and Professional Services

Many organisations have adopted the principles of integrated thinking and reporting to help them navigate the changing expectations of different stakeholders. But what is integrated thinking in the context of higher education, and can it help professional services demonstrate value and make better business decisions for sustainable success?

In this blog post, Dr Colin Campbell, Director of Strategic Planning at Newcastle University, shares his views and experience.

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How to Have Fewer Nightmares

Jenny Shaw, Student Experience Director at Unite Students, reflects on how we can offer adequate mental health support to students living in private accommodation.

A glass beaker is filled with grey substance in a science lab

Universities, Export Controls and Sanctions

What is the risk of your institution breaching export controls or sanctions laws? It may be greater than you think. Richard Tauwhare, Senior Director at Dechert LLP explains some of the misunderstandings around how these regulations apply to academic research and commercial collaborations.

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No Deal Feels Real Now

Dr Tony Strike is University Secretary at the University of Sheffield and a member of the executive board of the European Association of Institutional Research (EAIR). Here he shares his views as the AHUA representative on the UUK International ‘no deal planning’ working group.