They Think It’s All Over – Sadly Not

John Rushforth, Executive Secretary of the Committee of University Chairs (CUC), reflects on the draft remuneration code and asks where we go from here.

The New Regulatory Framework – Fit for All?

Graham Donelan, University Secretary at Liverpool Hope University, takes a look at Section 75 of the Higher Education & Research Act and asks for those in the sector to voice their thoughts on the new system.

EU and UK flag

‘Til Brexit Do Us Part – 5 Actions To Take Now

There has been a lot of talk about Brexit, but how do businesses and higher education leaders expect Brexit to impact on them, and what steps are they taking to prepare? Jonathan Nicholls, former AHUA Chair, and now Director of Strategic and Policy Services (Education) at Shakespeare Martineau LLP, shares insights from their recent survey, and recommends five actions to take now.

Photo credit: McCoy Wynne courtesy of University of Liverpool

2017 – Calming Waters or a Perfect Storm?

If 2016 taught us anything, it was that expectations do not always follow the predictable path. What had been built up as our ’norm’, over decades of lived experience, can be shattered in months – if not days. Vikki Goddard, Chief Operating Officer at Salford University, looks ahead to 2017 and predicts some turbulent times for universities, with a few brighter spells.

Aston University new campus. Image courtesy of Aston University.

There’s Never Been So Much Change

Graham Donelan, University Secretary at Liverpool Hope University, reflects on the seeds of change that were sown in 2016, and encourages us to look ahead with renewed purpose and energy for achieving our universities’ missions in 2017.

Image credit: University of Kent

May No-platforms the No-platformers

How do universities balance freedom of expression and intellectual advancement whilst maintaining safe spaces for staff, students and the university community? In light of Theresa May’s recent criticism of safe spaces, Geraldine Swanton, Legal Director at Shakespeare Martineau, considers the legal implications for universities in providing those safe spaces and maintaining freedom of expression.

Image credit: Liverpool Hope University

Initial Teacher Education – a Confucian tale for HE

Liverpool Hope University’s founding Colleges began delivering teacher training 172 years ago, and 600 newly qualified teachers still graduate from the University each year. In this blog post, Graham Donelan, University Secretary at Liverpool Hope University looks at recent government changes to teacher training, and considers the potential impact on higher education.

Image credit: Nottingham University

Rules to Tighten on Tier 4?

With so many recent changes in Government, including the appointment of a new Prime Minister, Graham Donelan, University Secretary at Liverpool Hope University, considers the potential impact that changes to immigration rules and student visas will have on international students at our institutions.

Brexit? by Tomek Nacho. Licensed by CC BY-ND 2.0

Brexit: Reactions from the HE Sector  

On Friday 24th June 2016, the results of the EU referendum were announced in favour of the UK leaving the EU. Here we round up some of the reactions and comments from across the sector.