Queen's University Belfast

Securing a Sustainable Funding Model

James O’Kane, Registrar and Chief Operating Officer at Queen’s University Belfast, discusses why securing a sustainable funding model for higher education in Northern Ireland must be a key priority for the new Northern Ireland Assembly. As we all deal with the challenges of change, AHUA members in England, Scotland and Wales will, hopefully, feel a little better on reading this blog.

What are the real funding challenges in Scotland?

Dr Colin Campbell, Head of Policy and Planning at the University of Stirling discusses the implications and potential consequences of the latest funding announcements for HE in Scotland.

The Sustainability of UK HE: A Real and Present Danger?

Ian Creagh, Head of Administration and College Secretary at King’s College London looks at the future sustainability of UK higher education and examines the risks that the sector is currently facing.

BIS Efficiencies: Heading Towards Bonfire Night?

Vikki Goddard, Chief Operating Officer at the University of Salford discusses the potential options under consideration by BIS in advance of the Comprehensive Spending Review and their implications for the HE sector landscape.

Funding cuts that mean BISness

With the Government starting to make serious its intent around its plans for reducing the deficit and driving for efficiencies, Vikki Goddard, Registrar at the University of Salford looks at the current situation following HEFCE’s grant letter and the potential big issues leading up to this Autumn’s Comprehensive Spending Review.

The Higher Education Manifesto Promises

With the General Election less than two weeks away, Vikki Goddard, Registrar at the University of Salford, reflects on the manifesto promises affecting Higher Education.