Students at Liverpool Hope University

Meeting the Information Needs of Prospective Students

In his latest blog post, Graham Donelan, University Secretary at Liverpool Hope University, considers the demands on universities to meet the requirements of the growing regulatory information agenda. How much information is too much? And is it really meeting students’ needs?

Andy Shenstone, director of consultancy and business development at the Leadership Foundation

Embracing Alternative Perspectives

Ahead of the AHUA’s Spring Conference in April, Andy Shenstone, director of consultancy and business development at the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, looks at some of the key issues facing the governance of the UK’s HE sector. He will be discussing these themes further during a workshop at the conference in Ulster.

Cambridge University Council at work

Beyond Accountability to Strategic Leadership

How much should governing bodies govern, and how much should they lead? Eamon Mullan, University Secretary at Ulster University, looks at the evolving role of university governing bodies in strategic leadership.

Cambridge University Council at work

Securing Board Diversity

Dr Matthew Andrews, University Secretary and Registrar at the University of Gloucestershire, makes a case for diversity on university boards, and offers advice to those responsible for institutional governance in their efforts to increase diversity across all the protected characteristics.

The Rt Hon Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the UK addresses the World Travel & Tourism Council Asia Summit.

Can Universities Learn Anything from Chilcot?

The Chilcot Report was released earlier this month, examining the circumstances of the UK’s involvement in the 2003 Iraq War. Gerry Webber, University Secretary at Edinburgh Napier University considers the report and the lessons to be learned from it.

National Harbor - Docks by thisisbossi

HE Governance in the USA – Through the Looking Glass

Andrew West recently attended the annual conference of the Association of Governing Bodies of Universities and Colleges (AGB) in Washington DC. AGB describes itself as the premier organisation centred on governance in higher education in the USA, thus covering some of the territory filled in the UK by the CUC’s work with the LFHE, alongside AHUA. 

Governance of Animal Research

Roger Gair, University Secretary at the University of Leeds, explores the involvement of University governors in the regulation of animal research

Teaching income

FREE(?)dom of Information and the uneven playing field

What is the cost of the Freedom of Information Act to universities? Michaela Boryslawskyj, University Secretary at the University of Huddersfield, considers the impact of FOI and alternative ways universities show transparency and accountability.

To pay or not to pay?

Jenny Share, Secretary & Registrar at Leeds Beckett University considers how universities can attract the most suitable candidates as governors and council members, and whether remuneration is the answer.