Meet Our Members: Brendan Casey, Oxford Brookes University

Brendan Casey, Registrar and Chief Operating Officer, Oxford Brookes University

Brendan Casey, Registrar and Chief Operating Officer at Oxford Brookes University worked at five different institutions before taking up his current role. Here he talks about his career, including a typical day in his role at Oxford Brookes, and the challenges ahead for HE.

Beyond Accountability to Strategic Leadership

Cambridge University Council at work

How much should governing bodies govern, and how much should they lead? Eamon Mullan, University Secretary at Ulster University, looks at the evolving role of university governing bodies in strategic leadership.

May no-platforms the no-platformers

Image credit: University of Kent

How do universities balance freedom of expression and intellectual advancement whilst maintaining safe spaces for staff, students and the university community? In light of Theresa May’s recent criticism of safe spaces, Geraldine Swanton, Legal Director at Shakespeare Martineau, considers the legal implications for universities in providing those safe spaces and maintaining freedom of expression.

Operational Efficiency: Learning from Leicester City’s Premiership Success

Image Credit: Leicester City Fans but Ronnie Macdonald on Flickr used under Creative Commons license CC by 2.0

What can universities learn from Leicester City’s Premiership success? Perhaps more than you realise. Alison Kennell, University Secretary at York St John University discusses parallels identified between football management and institutional efficiency in a recent project to introduce LEAN processes.